REAL FAKE is the first ever fashion brand that fakes all animal materials. Why? You might ask. Our answer is why not! Every year over 100 million animals suffer in the name of fashion. This number is just crazy right? With REAL FAKE you don’t have to settle on less style or quality and you will gain everything in respect.


The twins behind REAL FAKE

We were raised on a farm. We ate meat, wore leather, and even thought about buying fur. Only when we became older and wiser (only in certain aspects of life) did we have more awareness of the cruelty animals are forced to endure for our greedy lifestyle. We asked ourselves; “Why do we refuse to hurt our beloved dog, but indirectly hurt cows just so we can eat or wear those poor creatures?” It was clear that our indifference was caused by the lack of a personal relationship we had with these sacrificed animals; if we had known them then surely we would have loved and cared for them.

So at the age of 25 (slow learners) we made a drastic shift in our lifestyle. We decided to live animal cruel-free lives in terms of diet, beauty (products that don’t test on animals), and fashion. Living principled lives in terms of fashion proved to be the most challenging endeavour because our lives revolve around fashion. It was a tremendous struggle to find brands that combine animal friendly products and great style. We were also a little turned off by the “Fur is Murder” campaigns that were a bit too abrasive for our taste.

Thus, we decided to create REAL FAKE in order to promote our own type of fashionable yet animal friendly lifestyle. Our vision is to take traditional items that are made from animals and FAKE them! We promote the wear of stylish and glamorous fake fur that looks real but has a “FAKE” tag placed on them. In doing so, we can all look cute, keep warm, and make a subdued yet powerful statement about the need to be conscious human beings. Be a part of the revolution; it’s ok to be fake!

Abigail & Lavinia