WHY VEGAN  |  love animals, they are amazing

WHY VEGAN  |  love animals, they are amazing

You reading this text means you are interested in the wonderful world of veganism. Thank you. It’s not us who initiated this website that thanks you, it’s your health, the environment and above all, the animals. They are suffering quite a bit (actually, a fucking lot) because of lifestyle choices you make every day. We’ve put the information we want to share with you in three main categories. Please feel free to research more about these topics as there is so much more knowledge out there.


Some shocking figures to start off with:

  • Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed each year for meat production. (That’s more than 153 million each day) This does not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are only measured in tons.

  • Over 100 million animals are killed for fashion each year.

  • Over 100 million animals are being used for animal testing each year.

Take a moment to really let these numbers sink in and know that probably more then 1 million animals died in the meantime. We can go into all the horrific things animals have to go through before they die, but we are guessing you probably already know that. If not, open YouTube and go to PETA’s channel. That alone is reason enough to become vegan, right?


There is a whole lot of positive and negative information out there. We would like to encourage you to just use your common sense with all of it. Like with every diet there is, it comes down to balancing the right nutrients. All beginnings are difficult and yes, your trip to the store might take 4 times as long the first few tries, but once you get the hang of it, boy you will feel like the best version of yourself!

For more information about this topic, the best tip we can give you is to watch “What the Health”. This documentary explains in a very simple and clear way all the health benefits of going plant based. Oh, and its available on Netflix ;)


Ignorance is bliss, they say. Well it sure is if you’re clueless, but oh my god, how annoying for the people who are not! All you vegans out there, I think you can relate to the following: We get people telling us that we are “mowing down all the rainforests” more often then we can handle. They think that all the soy that is being harvested there is being used for vegan meals (because hey, all we eat is soy…) It takes us every last drop of patience to calmly explain that no, all that soy is not being used for our vegan meals, it is in fact being used to feed all the billions of animals that are being slaughtered for meat consumption.

We will stop here, because we could go on and on and the activist inside us is coming out. On this topic, we’d also like to encourage you to check out documentaries for extra information. See below for our favorites. Almost al available on Netflix! (We heart Netflix)



These documentaries are full off facts and give you so much insight off why everybody should go vegan. It helped us a lot in our choices and also it helps to shield you for people who are gpimg to tell you you are crazy for not eating meat or dairy (yes this still happens every day!)



Actually these sites and the people behind them are also 100% v-gang. These cool websites are full of info and tips for your vegan life!